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Strategic Partnerships

Delivering R&D solutions suited to the agriculture and agri-food needs of regional, national and global communities

We are inspired by our bold vision of a world where everyone has access to safe and nutritious food. In fulfilling this vision, we serve as a connector in the agri-food ecosystem, advancing innovation and bridging the gap to commercialization to deliver resilient and sustainable food security for all stakeholders.

Saskatchewan is a world-class centre for agriculture and has one of the world’s strongest agri-science ecosystems, including major large and small agriculture companies and highly productive and innovative farmers. It also includes Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) excellent training, research and development facilities and institutes such as GIFS, the Global Institute for Water Security and federal laboratories.

Through our technology platforms and science programs at GIFS, we are designing solutions to global challenges that use Saskatchewan’s strengths and can be adapted across the world. However, we recognize that in the quest to deliver sustainable food security, one size does not necessarily fit all. This is why we engage in strategic partnerships with stakeholders in various global communities to ensure our solutions take the strengths of GIFS, Saskatchewan and local communities to deliver solutions suited to the communities’ needs.

Our focus is:

a. Research impacts for developing nations. This includes delivering solutions that will:
i) Enable countries meet United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
ii) Deliver resilient, safe and nutritious food systems;
iii) Address climate change; and
iv) Address population growth.

b. Supporting Canadian and Saskatchewan strategic goals.

c. Enabling technology transfer and capacity building for developing nations.

Examples of our Strategic Partnerships are:

Our scientific programs are: