Why Partner with GIFS?

With 9.6 billion people expected to be living on the planet by 2050, food security is one of the greatest issues facing humanity today.

GIFS cannot address the issue of food security on its own. Efforts in this area require an international network of partners working together to create new technologies that will boost crop production in developed nations. As accomplishments are realized, GIFS will then work with its partners in developing nations to transfer these technologies to organizations and farmers so they can begin to grow their economies and eventually replace subsistence-level poverty with economic cycles catalyzed by better nutrition and health.

  • Saskatchewan produces 40% of the world’s lentils.

  • Saskatchewan produces 10% of the world’s canola. Canada is the largest exporter of canola (8% globally or oilseed trade).

  • Wheat, canola and pulse crops account for over 80% of Saskatchewan crop exports. Saskatchewan supplies 11% of global wheat exports; Canada exports over 20 million tonnes of wheat annually.

  • Forty-four percent of Canada’s arable land is located in Saskatchewan. We have no choice but to develop technologies that will increase the productivity and yield of crops grown on this land.

  • Seventy percent of China’s need for seed oil is imported. There is an excellent opportunity for Western Canadian farmers to tap into this market.


Improving the value of seeds and crop yields to producers will have significant economic benefits to farmers and producers in Saskatchewan and Canada.

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  • Founding Partners

    Nutrien provided an initial investment of $35 million over seven years. This 2012 contribution reflects Nutrien’s commitment to food security and is one of the largest corporate contributions for outcomes-based research in Canada.

    Nutrien is committed to helping growers around the world increase food production in a sustainable manner. The Global Institute for Food Security shares this vision and has created a model that capitalizes on the expertise at the University of Saskatchewan and focuses on innovation in the agricultural industry in Canada and developing countries around the world.

    - Chuck Magro, CEO, Nutrien

  • The Government of Saskatchewan invested CDN $15 million over seven years. GIFS will apply Saskatchewan’s unique resources, innovation and expertise to address the increasing global demand for safe, reliable food.

    The plan for growth positions Saskatchewan as a global leader in food security and innovation by 2020. Advancing Saskatchewan’s agricultural advantage allows us to significantly increase the global food supply – our moral obligation as a good global citizen – while building the next economy, an innovation economy, here at home.

    - The Honourable Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan

  • University of Saskatchewan, a globally renowned centre of excellence in agriculture and food-system related research, has contributed its world-class facilities and expertise critical to GIFS’ success.

    Over the past century, the University of Saskatchewan, a globally renowned centre of excellence in agriculture and food-system related research, has led far-sighted research and innovation to help grow a province and feed a growing nation. Now, through this innovative partnership and its bold vision, we are building on our strengths, world-class facilities, and expertise to provide new research solutions that will help feed a growing world.

    - Peter Stoicheff, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Saskatchewan

  • Lead & First Grain Industry Partner

    Viterra is committed to investing in the future prosperity of both their farm customers and in the sustainability of Western Canadian agriculture. For Viterra, enhanced yield and agronomic improvements for the major crops grown in Western Canada are the benefits they will see as a result of their investment in GIFS. In addition, it will also contribute to a vibrant economy in the province and the University of Saskatchewan as a centre of excellence in plant science research.

    In November 2013, Viterra joined in GIFS’ mission to address the increasing demand for safe, reliable food with a contribution of $2 million. Viterra’s contribution will facilitate farmer participation in research field trials that will help support leading research and innovation for major crops grown in Western Canada and around the world.

    - Kyle Jeworski, CEO and President, Viterra