Maryam Honari

PhD Student, Seed and Developmental Biology

Phone: 1-306-966-3716

Since childhood, Maryam has been curious to find out why and how different phenomena occur around us and has been inquisitive to find logical relations between various phenomena occurring around her. Learning gave her a great sense of satisfaction when she followed her propensity to go beyond the unknown and challenge various aspects of life.

As a student, Maryam was lucky to be accepted by the Nemoone (special talents) high school, which is a selective public institution, aiming at developing exceptional talents, based on a comprehensive national wide exam. Academically, she has always striven for higher accomplishments and challenged herself in every way to improve as a student and as an individual in society.

Maryam was ranked second in the national graduate degree examination in Iran and was able to pursue her interest in studying plant biotechnology. At the time, she was among the few women who had been qualified to study this field in a highly ranked university. Maryam greatly respects all aspects of the human being and believes a successful person is perfect in different dimensions of his or her life.

Becoming a professional researcher and teacher in Biotechnology is Maryam’s vision. To take another step toward this goal she applied for admission to the Biotechnology PhD program at the University of Saskatchewan. After being accepted, she began her research at GIFS with the professional team that includes other students and postdoctoral fellows from all over the world. Maryam’s focus is on regulatory mechanisms control apomixis in Boechera. Her project is about to identify DNA-protein interactions with APOLLO 5’ UTR by using yeast one-hybrid assay. She strongly believes by being a researcher at such a prestigious institute and working in this academic environment, she can make the best use of her abilities to attain her life goals.