Martin Mau

Postdoctoral Fellow, Seed and Developmental Biology

Phone: 1-306-966-3714

Martin began his career in Bavaria, Germany studying biology with emphasis on the biophysics of pore-forming proteins in both, bacterias and plants. During his PhD at the IPK Gatersleben and the University of Heidelberg, he gained strong interest in the evolutionary spread of a special form of asexuality in plants (i.e. apomixis) studying pollen genetics and phenotypes in the North-American model plant Boechera. His use of geographical data in Global Information System (GIS)-based models of ecological niche distribution of sexual and apomictic Boechera plants led to novel insights into their evolutionary history.

As Post Doctoral Fellow at GIFS Martin leads a research team to conduct functional studies of apomixis candidate genes using newest genome editing technologies and to establish a pollen phenotyping platform. Furthermore, his team performs large scale intergeneric crosses to investigate the spread of apomixis into sexual populations.

In a side project Martin is also analyzing the genetic components of reproduction in wild accessions of hops for which he gathered a large collection of samples from the alps and gene banks world wide.

Martin was born at the Baltic coast in north-eastern Germany where wildlife is still mostly preserved. This and being part of the German Scouting Association triggered his interest in nature travels throughout Europe and recently across Canada, as well as wildlife activities such as canoeing, fishing and plant excursions.