Dr. Laiane Silva Maciel

Postdoctoral Fellow, Root-Soil-Microbial Interactions

Laiane was born and raised in Sete Lagoas, Brazil. She graduated with a degree in Biology from the University Center of Sete Lagoas and received a Master’s degree in Agricultural Microbiology from the Federal University of Viçosa.

In 2019 she completed her PhD in Genetics from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. During this time the focus of her research was the investigation of the Phosphorus Starvation Tolerance 1 gene effect on the modulation of the maize and sorghum root system in soils with low availability of P.

Laiane joined the Root-Soil-Microbial Interactions group in November 2019, supervised by Dr. Leon Kochian. She is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that control the modifications of the root system architecture of plants adapted to abiotic stress.