Dr. Sampath Perumal

Research Officer, Plant Improvement

Sampath was born and raised from a small village in Tamilnadu, India, and completed his post-graduate in Biotechnology at Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Tamilnadu. He competed his PhD from Seoul National University, South Korea through the PhD fellowship (2009 -2014) from the Korean government scholarship program. He then moved to Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada in their post-doctoral program where he worked with Dr. Isobel Parkin (2016-2020) on various Brassica genomics projects. He was also a successful holder of a MITACS elevate post-doctoral fellowship (2018-2020) and worked in-collaboration with Cargill as an industry partner.

Sampath has over a decade of research experience in plant genomics and bioinformatics. He has a broad knowledge and experience in plant molecular biology, genomics, and genome evolution and his research interest include whole-genome assembly, transposon biology, chloroplast assembly and various molecular breeding techniques such as MARS, MABC, GWAS, GS. He developed a high-quality and high-contiguous assembly of black mustard genome (Brassica nigra) using long-read (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) that was published in August 2020. At GIFS, he will be focused on long-read (Nanopore) based structural variant analysis in canola and wheat.