Dorota Paczesniak

Postdoctoral Fellow, Seed and Developmental Biology

Phone: 1-306-966-3718

Born in Rzeszów, Poland, Dorota’s academic background is in evolutionary ecology and population genetics of asexual and polyploid organisms. Her PhD research at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) concerned evolutionary and ecological dynamics of asexual freshwater snails in natural populations. After receiving a post-doctoral fellowship from Swiss National Science Foundation, she began working with Tim Sharbel at IPK Getrsleben (Germany) in 2014.

Dorota’s scientific interests revolve around causes and consequences of diversity, especially how diversity is generated and its role in asexual organisms.
At GIFS, her research concerns seed size diversity and endosperm development in sexual and apomictic (reproducing asexually via seed) plant genus Boechera.

Dorota is passionate about science communication and public outreach. Her favourite thing about living in Saskatoon is all-season biking along river trails.

Twitter: @DOPaczesniak