Andres Posso-Terranova

Associate Researcher, Seeds and Development Biology

Phone: 1-306-966-3719

Andres, a native of Palmira, Colombia, has been studying several species of plants, animals and microorganisms since 2001, when he started his career as a biologist at the National University of Colombia.

His research has focused mainly in the importance and the role of ecological and environmental factors in the speciation and population divergence processes. In his research, he has been using several approaches that combine multivariate analysis, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and cutting-edge molecular biology techniques. He has also used molecular biology techniques and statistical tools in plant breeding programs that aim to produce quality-improved crops.

At the University of Saskatchewan, Andres has been involved in teaching and research activities that lead him to the discovery of new species of poison-dart frogs.

At GIFS and under supervision of Dr. Tim Sharbel, Andres’ research focus is on the exploitation of genotypic variation in natural accessions of Cassava from South America. This project will generate new tools, identify new types of starch of industrial interest (i.e. no need to be modified), and most importantly, will survey for the presence of novel sources of high genetic diversity for valuable traits (adaptation, resistance to stressful environments, nutrient utilization, etc).
Education: BSc Biology, Universidad del Valle; MSc Plant Breeding and Genetics, National University of Colombia; PhD Evolutionary Biology, University of Saskatchewan.

In his spare time, Andres enjoys fishing, playing soccer and playing his drum set.  His favorite food is pasta with meat balls.