Executive Management and Staff

  • Stephen Visscher

    Interim Executive Director and CEO

    Phone: 306-966-3701

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  • Dr. Leon Kochian

    Associate Director and Canada Excellence Research Chair in Global Food Security

    Research Gate

    Phone: +1-306-966-3712

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  • Gwen Miller

    Director of Finance and Administration

    Phone: 306-966-3713

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  • Chris Barker

    Director, P2IRC Research and Business Development

    Phone: 306-966-3704

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  • Tina Murdock

    Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and CEO

    Phone: 1-306-966-3701

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  • Cynthia Hiebert

    Financial Administrative Assistant

    Phone: +1-306-966-3727

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  • Diane Brososky

    Executive Assistant to the Senior Research Associate and Foundation Lead: Genomics and Bioinformatics

    Phone: +1-306-966-3707

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  • Megan Paul

    Executive Assistant to the Associate Director and CERC

    Phone: +1-306-966-3722

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  • Mackenzie Siemens

    Marketing and Communications Assistant

    Phone: 1-306-966-3705

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  • Michelle Jang

    Research Assistant

    Phone: 306-966-3718

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  • Monica Gordon

    Project Support Specialist

    Phone: 306-966-3728

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