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Research Assistant

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$0.00 hourly for 37.5 hours per week

Additional Salary Information:

$12.18 - $20.04 per hour


The position will provide a chance to learn:
•    Research on Canola root phenotyping
•    Hands-on training on how to grow canola in a hydroponic environment
•    Training on 2D and 3D imaging in an RGB camera and image processing

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Targeted Programs

Agriculture and Bioresources 

Target Level:

Student - Second Year

Student - Third Year

Student - Final Year

Student - Master's

Alumni - Bachelors

Alumni - Masters


Must be a 2nd year or above and interested in working with Canola root phenotypes. An undergraduate degree with some canola growth experiences is also welcome. Targeting Plant, Soil, or Environmental Science students.


Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Grow Canola in hydroponic, gel and soil medium for root phenotyping
•    Prepare hydroponic nutrient solution
•    Prepare experiments and wash roots for imaging
•    2D and 3D imaging using an RGB Camera
•    Field trips to collect soils, and prepare soils to grow canola
•    Image processing and quantitative data extractions


Application Process

Application Deadline:

Feb 22, 2019 11:59 PM

Application Documents Required:

Cover Letter,Resume - References included

Submission Method:

Submit online to CareerLink - 34221

Additional Application Instructions:

Please include at least two references.